Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Robin Miller - Magical Spheres (1987)

This is not a VOTS release, but it is an album from Robin Miller, a talented musician who has released tapes on the label. This time, it's Magical Spheres from 1987.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Here is an updated list of releases we do not yet have on the blog! Things have since been added and removed since the last update, so take a look around!

*There are a few releases from Karl Schaffner, Daniel Berthiaume and others  that were not put on Valley of the Sun- despite that, I have them named here and still will post them when I get 'em (and when I discover new ones)

NEW!  The Sounds of Relaxation (Appears to be a 3 tape collection released on great american audio corp released in 1990. The info is found here:) 

Robert Slap
Fitness Walking: Beginner (19??)
Sonidos Latinos (Latin Sounds) (1996)
Tara Sutphen's Walk Of Life (1992)
Fitness Walking: Intermediate (19??)
Fitness Walking: Advanced (19??)

Musical Sounds Of Relaxation (Various Artists-All released 1989)
Topaz: Musical Sounds of Relaxation

Galactic Odyssey

Bray Ghiglia

Jerry Crocker
Feather In The Wind (2000)
Rain Prayer (????)

Robin Miller
Magical Spheres (1987)
Paradise View (1992)
In The Company Of Angels (1995)
Transcendence (1995)

Upper Astral

Daniel Berthiaume
Ego (2009)
Les Grands Classiques For Relaxation (2009)
The Nature of Silence (2009)

David Naegele
Classical Meditations (1980)
Pentatonic Suite (1981)
Reveries (1981)

David Storrs

Steven Cooper
The Planets (Unreleased)

Karl Shaffner
The Voyage (19??)
Music For Friends (19??)

Unknown Artist/No Artist Listed
The Beat To The Theta Tape (1978)
Sounds of Nature: Ocean Waves With Subliminals (1988)
Whales and Sounds of The Sea (1992)

Robert Martin
You Hit My Heart (1983)
You Are My Friend (1984)
Reality (1979)

Interludes Series (Mike Fraioli, Steve Gruskin, ect)
Hidden Lake (1987)
Classical Lullabies (1992)
Hush Little Baby (1992)
Sleepytime Music (1992)

Majestic Moods Series (Steve Gruskin, ect)

Piano By The Sea (1995)
Irish Fiddle (19??)
Guitar By The Sea (1995)
Celtic Dawn (19??)
Harp By The Sea (1995)
Hymns By The Sea: Sunset Sea (19??)
Hymns By The Sea: Epping Tide (19??)

Dick Sutphen
Astral Projection (1980)
Transcendence (1980)
White Light Meditation (1981)
Confidence and Positive Thinking (1993)
The Gateless Gate (1993)
Temple Of Light (1993)
Alpha Wave Theta Wave (1995)
Hypnotic Om (1995)
Astral Journey (1995)

NEW!  The Sounds of Relaxation (Appears to be a 3 tape collection released on great american audio corp released in 1990. The info is found here:)

NOTE: There are always tapes that we have not discovered the names of yet. So remember, even if it's not on here, we may not have it. Works that are by familiar valley of the sun or GAA artists that are done on other labels will be here too, so if anyone knows of any, bring them up.

David Storrs - Aerobic Music Exercise (1983)

Hello again! Here's a second release I have for you today. This one's extremely rare - I've known about it for years and didn't think I'd ever see it, but here  it is! David Storrs' 1983 release Aerobic Music Exercise. This one's a bit of high paced synth music and an ambient "Cool down" track. It's great, and I highly suggest listening.

David Storrs - Aerobic Music Exercise

Robert Slap - Heartbeat and OHM (1990)

Hello! I'm back after a long absence, I'm sorry. I've been busy with my own music I've been making and finishing up school. However, I've returned to post up a very rare release, Robert Slap's 1990 release Heartbeat and Ohm, put out on New World Cassettes. It's nothing much, to be honest, just a synthesized heartbeat put over his Eternal Om record.

Robert Slap - Heartbeat and OHM

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Musical Sounds Of Relaxation - Emerald Green (1989)

Here we have yet another great installment in the  Musical Sounds of Relaxation series! Produced by Robert Slap, this is "Emerald Green," another wonderful addition to any new age collection.  Arpeggios, drones, wonderful melodies - what more could you ask for? Besides another tape, "Topaz", we have nearly completed collecting the entire series of tapes. Of course, this depends on if I ever find any copyright data for another release archived online.

Emerald Green (1989)

Musical Sounds Of Relaxation - High As A Kite (1989)

Very excited to post this one up! I've always loved the Musical Sounds Of Relaxation series, and thanks to some help from Happydogs (who has unearthed more than half the releases on this blog), we have two more additions to this wonderful series!

Here is "High As A Kite", and saying this tape is wonderful is an understatement. It's the same great production you'd expect from robert slap, with the lovely ethereal arpeggios and wonderful melodic synths, and even nature sounds. I favor side A over side B, but they are both absolutely magnificent.

High As A Kite (1989)

Up next is "Emerald Green!"

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A selection of my self-released new age & ambient music!

Hello, everybody. I apologize for not being active, but I have been very busy. I have been releasing a lot of my own music for the past year or so. Much of what I do is lo-fi rock, outsider music and antifolk, but I also do electronic and experimental recordings, some of which is heavily inspired by the music I post up here. To keep a vintage sound, I run my electronic recordings through filters and add cassette tape hiss to them. The most you may spend on a single album is 10 dollars, though most of them are within the 3-6 dollar range, and some of them are even free.  I would probably say that some of these are similar in sound to Aphex Twin, whose ambient works are a favorite of mine.
If you do not wish to purchase any, they are also available for streaming straight from my bandcamp page.

I've picked some releases which I think are my best, and put them here.
All the album artwork was also concieved by myself.

Borealis (2015) listen or purchase here

C.M.I. (2015) listen or purchase here

Still Waters (Recorded 2011, released 2015) listen or purchase here

Chasm (2015) listen or purchase here

NEED SLEEP (2016) listen or purchase here

And, as an added bonus, here's a few links to some of my albums for free, here only!

ORGN (2015)
Nanobug (Non Lo-Fi Version, 2015)
Sunscapes (2015)